Tuesday, March 24, 2009

180: Orange Citrus Blast - Sugar Free review by Nick

You can actually spin this can 180 degrees on the y-axis and the label is still face up. I'm not sure why they would name this drink 180...maybe for energy around the clock, idk.

- This drink may be sugar free but it still has those 5 calories, this was a really smart move on their part. These 5 calories taste good, and help make the drink not just taste like another diet drink. This drink tastes just like the original (which tastes like rip it: citrus x and some orange juice) except with a low-cal taste (and not too much of a sugar free taste).
RATING - 7/10

Buzz - WOW....WOW....How do they expect this drink to give you any energy? I mean really, this drink ONLY contains vitamin B6 & B12 and an unknown amount of guarana. They really should of added more stuff; this is one of the weakest drinks I've ever had.
RATING - 0.5/10


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