Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Amp:overdrive by Nolan

Here is another amp.This one says turbo boost.
Taste-The only way i can describe it is it was cherry,and a pretty good cherry.
Buzz-Well its not going to be better than any of the others,and it says it gives you a turbo boost from the yerba mate.Ha you would have to drink 10 of these to get a turbo boost,but i dont recommend it.Same list as traction but no d ribose and it still keeps the same amount of maltodextrin and then this one includes 8 mgs of yerba mate extract.That will do nothing you at least need 30 mgs.Oh well you guys probley dont even care.O nm i take that back its got .2 mgs more riboflavin and 100 mgs less of maltodextrin,than traction.
Total amount of mgs-502.70
Over all rating-5/10

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