Saturday, March 21, 2009

Go girl:sugar free by Nolan

This drink had the total opposite effect than her,this one made me grow an extra penis,ON MY FOREHEAD.Everybody laughed and laughed and it made me pee out of it aww man it was so embarrassing.

Taste-Defiantly has that roughness of a sugar free drink,but no after taste or anything like that,I guess its dec. for a sugar free drink.


Buzz-Not to shabby,not to shabby at all.120% RDA vit.b12 and riboflavin,150% RDA niacin,10% RDA magnesium,80% RDA pantothenic acid,360% vit.b6,1200 mgs taurine(most ive ever seen in a drink)300 mgs garcinia cambogia(an appetite suppessant)150 mgs inositol,150 mgs caffeine(wow)


Total amount of mgs-1,800

Over all rating-7/10

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