Monday, March 23, 2009

Deton 8 review by Nick

Wut a witty name; it actually took me until i read the name aloud to understand it. It's also got that Dexter's Lab type font to it. You can pick this drink up at most Highlander's, and with a taste like this you most definitely should do just that.

Taste - Very strange taste. Tastes a bit like monster except it has a very strong sparkling wine(probably white grape) taste to it. Just writing this review is making me thirsty. Very good taste, def worth a try.
RATING - 8.5/10

Buzz - Ouch, pretty sad blend here, doesn't have any weird ingredients, and doesn't have any caffeine or most other standard ingredients. The most notable ingredient is the 960mgs of taurine.
RATING - 3/10



  1. You're leaving out the most important factor: cost!

    99 cents for a 16 oz can.

  2. It has 162mg of caffeine, says it on the side of the can, 76mg/serving.