Friday, March 27, 2009

Rip it:chic-berry in o scent by Nolan

Rip its attempt on a chick drink to get more people interested in NRG drinks.pshhh.Ha how clever berry in o scent like very innocent wow and the crazy thing is it doesn't even make sense.
Taste-Like berrys mixed with nasty artificial sweetener,and that front end of those sugar free girl drinks is so strong I don't know why,it makes it so unenjoyable,you almost have to let it sit open for awhile before you can drink it.The after taste is the other bad sidifect.
Buzz-They dont skip out on the mgs for the females and for some reason the chick ones have more caffeine.90 mgs vit.c,3 mgs vit.b6,600 mgs folic acid,9 mgs,vit.b12,1500 mgs taurine,150 mgs caffeine,150 mgs inositol and 12 mgs guarana seed extract.
Total amount of mgs-2,514
Over all rating-6.5/10

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  1. Where can I find this? I want to get this for my girlfriend!!! :)