Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Red bull by Nolan

Alright its about time to get this one done.Here is the godfather to all energy drink nation wide,it is also a big waist of money with it always being a dollar or more over standard energy drink price and its so standard.But if theres no other red bull clone then just get it cuz sometimes you just want that craving taste that got you addicted to energy drinks.

Taste-Well i cant say red bull clone so,it has a mixture of tartness,appleness,vitamin wheatens,gumyness and smooth sweetness so you put all those together and get red bull.If it wasn't for that taste,energy drinks wouldn't be as popular.


Buzz-Standard,you think they could of changed there formula to keep up with all these other energy drink company es.100% RDA niacin,250% RDA vit.b6,80% RDA vit.b12,50% RDA pantothenic acid.


Over all rating-5/10


  1. For what Red Bull calls their "prices" (it's more like wallet rape) there's just no excuse for buying Red Bull. It's got absolutely no kick and to me has one of the worst tastes on the market.

  2. lol i thought i was the only one that got redbull cravings. the buzz and price suck but it tastes so good

  3. tastes great, overpriced, monsters much better and cost less for double the size lol!

  4. Tastes like shit, no kick at all.

    1. yea. and thats why i like monster better

  5. Love the taste, hate the price. And you know, I have to agree with any "red bull dupes" you've found. So many energy drinks just copy the flavor. But hey, most of the time, those ones are also cheaper. Though, once in a while I'll splurge for my daily dose of energy drink and get two 473ml red bulls. Can you believe I pay almost ten fuckin' bucks for two? Ridiculous.