Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rockstar:2x energy

Probably rockstars greatest effort yet. The can is very nice and so is everything else. Best drink from rockstar hands down.

Taste- You would never know it was sugar free, in fact it tastes better than original rockstar in my opinion! You don't get that pucker mouth feeling and it has a nice apple taste to it with a zing. More than likely the best tasting sugar free energy drink ever!


Buzz- Amazingly the twice the caffeine doesn't effect the flavor at all. And ounce for ounce this is rockstars strongest formula yet. 1000 mgs taurine, 250 mgs caffeine, 100 mgs ginseng, 100 mgs arginine, 25 mgs l-caritine, inositol and ginseng. 100% RDA vitamin b3,b5 and b6. 200% rda vitamin b2.


Total amount of mgs-1,566.4

Over all rating-9.25/10


  1. where are you getting these two new drinks? im in deltona, fl

  2. just discovered this morning, have to agree its the best drink from Rockstar yet! love the 12oz size, taste is fantastic, and the buzz is GRRRREEEAT!!

  3. gave me the shits

  4. l live in roanoke va and it is gettin harder for me to find rockstar eneergy drink 2xthe caffeine. gomarts and ohter dealers tellin me they cant get it in. strange? thats the best drink out there right now that works for me? has anybody else had the same problem? thanks