Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FRS:low cal orange by Nolan

I was missing this flavor for a long time but then the energy drink outlet came to my need,these drinks are a healthy natural alternative sponsored by lance armstrong.To bad most of them taste like snot.

Taste-I'm drinking it right now and when you think closely about it,it tastes like thick orange juice with a little sugar free taste.But you wouldn't guess that it tastes like orange juice even tho it says it does,until you think about it.


Buzz-1,614 mgs vit.a,2 gs fiber,163 mgs vit.c,79 mgs vit.e,2 mgs thiamin,2 mgs riboflavin,26 mgs niacin,3 mgs vit.b6,8 mgs vit.b12,325 mgss quercetin,85 mgs catechins(energy from green tea leaves) and 48 mgs caffeine.Healthy and it shure did take away my dreariness.


Total amount of mgs-2,355

Over all rating-5/10

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