Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wired: B12 Rush - Diet

I still don't have my own camera, I still use my moms phone haha. I got so bored at home all by my lonesome I had to grab a drink and review it. I would just use pictures off the Internet every time but then you guys wouldn't believe that a actually had that drink.

Taste- So bad you cant even take full drinks, you have to sip on it. Its got a strong carbonation with a very strong artificial berry taste that I'm getting very sick of. Its the flavor for so many drinks now. This one doesn't say berry but if you ever see a sugar free berry drinks avoid it like the plague. They are never good.


Buzz- There is nothing in this drink that will matter except the retarded high level of vitamin B12. Usually company's give you 80% rda, this one has 3000%. That like wayyy too much of a good thing but its probably too much for your body to process at one time and vitamin B isn't like caffeine or taurine; its stored in your body and keeps your natural energy levels healthy, and I'm certain we all have enough of it. We can even get enough from eating meat twice a day. We also have 20 mgs B3. 5 mgs B6 and pantothenic acid. 50 mgs inositol. 47 mgs caffeine and 27 mgs taurine. I will give it points for having a crazy amount of B12, but more than likely it wont effect you unless your body has been shy of  vitamin B for awhile and for that would have to be vegan.


Total amount of mgs-244

Over all rating-4.5/10

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