Thursday, December 24, 2009


I know this drink really has nothing to do with Christmas but right now its Christmas eve and I hope you guys have a nice Christmas with your loved ones whether you like them or not. But this was part of my Christmas present from the ex reviewer nick. Its some rare Asian drink from one of those little Asian stores.

Taste-Not again, good God not again. I thought I would never have to drink one of those things again but looking at the can shape I should have assumed. Its just like carabo, a red bull clone with no carbonation. Asians must like drinking this stuff because that's all they sell. On the other hand some people love these.. Like Nick. Maybe its because I'm so used to drinking regular red bulls, I don't know.


Buzz-Do Asians make a mean brew? 90% RDA vitB2. 200% vitB6 and 100% niacin. No not really.


Over all rating-2.75/10

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