Friday, February 5, 2010

Crunk:mango peach

Ever wondered what the word crunk actually means? Well I didn't know until I was. Its were your high and drunk at the same time, its a mixed feeling you cant really tell how you feel you just feel weird. I prefer being one or the other. But I'm sure lil john is always on both.

Taste-Seeing as I got almost 50 of these I had time to really focus on the drink. My conclusion after drink all 40 something is that its simply mango and peach juice with sugar and carbonation. You can tell. I would say it needs to be more artificial tasting because its not like this drink is supposed to be healthy, especially given the name. Its almost like drinking juice.


Buzz-I love crunk for its awesome blend of interesting ingredients, which include. Ashwaganda, horny goat weed, ginseng, guarana, skull cap and white willow, caffeine, inositol, licorice root, green tea extract, l- tyronsine, n-acetyl, l-cysteine, ginko biloba, grape seed and milk thistle. 272 mgs altogether. 29 mgs vitC. 7.2 mgs vitE. 360 mgs vitB1. 1.6 mgs vitB2. 19 mgs vitB3. 1.9 mgs vitB6. 5.8 mgs vitB12. 9.6 mgs vitB5. Like Ive said before its not enough to matter even though this is one of the most unique blends out there I just wish it was around the 2,000 mark.


Total amount of mgs-706.1

Over all rating-6.25/10

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