Sunday, March 15, 2009

No fear-Nolan

No fear not to be confused with Sobe no fear,but whatever its all the same since there both made by Pepsi. I think the skull looks kinda gay with the random wings on it but oh well.
Taste-This has the taste you look for in an NRG drink. Its not exactly red bull clone but its almost there,little more harsh but better.
Buzz-very nice ingredient list,it contains...60 mgs vit.c,2 mgs vit. b6,40 mgs folic acid,6mgs vit.b12,2 mgs zinc. 7 mgs selenium,25 mgs potassium,1000 mgs taurine,100 mgs inositol,87 mgs caffeine,50 mgs panax ginseng extract,50 mgs guarana extract,25 mgs grape seed extract,25 mgs l caritine,10 mgs l arginine.
Total amount of mgs-1,439
Overall score-5.8/10

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