Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blue energy suger free-Nolan

This little can cost me 5 dollars because it is an import from Germany.

Taste-Its a red bull clone fo sho but id say alot better.It doesnt have that super bitter taste you get from the artificial sweetener.And its alot more smooth and refreshing.

Buzz-Its got less b vitimans than red bull but more taurine and caffeine,and some other ingredients that red bull doesnt have.8 mgs nacian,2 mgs pantothenic acid,2 mgs vit.b2,.6 mgs vit.b6,2 mgs vit.b12,400mgs taurine,240 mgs glucuronic lactone,32 mgs caffeine,20 mgs inositol.

Total amount of mgs-706.6

Over all score-4.5/10

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