Thursday, September 3, 2009


Well I have no idea if this company is still in business.But there drinks have had decent taste for being sugar free and each drink offers something different for your body is cool.I hope not to see these on big lots shelves's.

Taste-The smell is of sprite and the good!Very strong carbonation here and that takes away from the taste a lot.Its sour so I can see the lime but I don't taste any tangerine.If the flavors weren't blocked by the heavy carbonation and the artificial sweetener it would be perfect.


Buzz-2000 mgs l-argintine and 10 mgs l-proline.Also 100% RDA Vit.A,B6,B12 and E.100% riboflavin,selenium and niacin.50% folic acid and 15% zinc.l-proline I could find little about other that its a amino acid and l-arginine is also a amino acid and helps the body get rid of ammonia,it also relaxes blood vessels.It can prevent heart disease,erectile dysfunction,high blood pressure,migraines,sexual dysfunction in women and help heal wounds.Neither of these things will help your immune system but the they are very good for you and you get a decent amount.


Over all rating-8/10

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