Monday, September 7, 2009


So what I got from possessedbycaffeines review is that this is a sugar loaded drink with a nice amount of caffeine to give you the perfect crash.So the new word for caffeine crash is carabao.

Taste-Ewwwww!Its not carbonated,and it tastes like red bull.No it tastes like flat red bull!I thought it was a mistake at first but then I looked at the ingredients,but it was a mistake to not use carbonation.Some may puke but I can also see where some may like it.


Buzz-I was drinking the drink while reviewing so I cant tell you of a crash,but.165% RDA niacin.400% Vit.B6.133% Vit.B12 and that's it?


Over all rating-3/10

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  1. haha, wow. I woulda given this an 7.5 for taste. It was soo sweet but not sticky sweet, i thought it was decent.