Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All in:citrus-sugar free

Ive had trouble finding these all in drinks.But when I got that awesome edjunkie.com t shirt he generously sent me a can of this and a bottle of heat.Which I cant review but it was really intense.

Taste-Good for sugar free.It halfway tastes like sugar free sierra mist without a really bad sugar free taste.It has a nice lemon and lime taste just like a citrus should.Its not flawless tho,it has a somewhat of a bad after taste.


Buzz-This is another drink just for the card players,but theres nothing good in here to keep you concentrated like it should,instead theres just some boring vitamins.200% RDA Vit.C.100% niacin and folic acid.350% Vit.B6.3,500% Vit.B12 and 50% pantothenic acid.


Over all rating-5.5/10

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