Saturday, July 14, 2012

ThinkQ: Citricity

Brain fuel. Hydration. Electrolyte balance. Mood enhancement. Stress relief. Stamina. Now this, is what I call an energy drink!

Taste- Its thick on the palate which goes nice this the carbonation. Its almost like if sunny d was all natural (yeah right) and carbonated this would be it. Its made with cane sugar and fruit juice only for color. Which makes sense. Much better than the berry, but this aint no pop.


Buzz- I really like where energy drink are going. We got drinks for sports and working out, your regular good tasting drinks to drink with your friends and these drinks to have when your feeling low and to give you a healthy good feeling pep for the day. This has a lot of great stuff, and is a better drink than zun for sure. Proprietary blend 738 mgs l-tyrosine. suma Brazilian ginseng. acai. ginko biloba. SAMe (natural in the body. Reduces pain, illness and depression) gammo amino butric acid. caffeine.CQ10. alpha GPC and vinpocetine. Also 100% rda of all B vitamins.


Total amount of mgs- 767

Over all rating-7.5/10

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