Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rip it: Red Zone

This is how it goes for finding new rip its now. I go to one of the smoke shops on the bad side of town, they have a new rip it, but only one. I buy it and never see that flavor again. That's happened for the last three. Except today I saw them all at a gas station in Chicago.

Taste- All these newer ones have that expected rip it taste that just lets you know its cheap. They are all still worth a dollar no doubt but its just this taste that hinders the drink from being close to perfect. But I mean hey you cant be picky when you're given such a deal. This drink is like your typical strawberry pop (fanta) (crush) with the trademark cheap rip it taste.


Buzz- 100% rda B6 B12 and B5 and 120% vitamin C. 1010 mgs taurine. 85 mgs caffeine. 100 mgs inositol and 5 mgs gaurana.


Total amount of mgs-1,695

Over all rating-7.5/10

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