Thursday, May 21, 2009

Starbucks:cinnamon dulce by Nolan

Another shame full drink from Starbucks...but is this one different?

Taste-Starts off very sweet and then goes into a cinnamon flavor right away and it stays until you swallow,no its not crazy cinnamon like those two past drink cocaine and fever but its there...barley.also the is some caramel and cream brula which is what  dulce means.


Buzz-2,000 mgs maltidextrin(amazing!)1,800 mgs taurine.450 mgs inositol.325 mgs ginseng(CRAZY!)and 90 mgs gaurana.Also 100% RDA riboflavin,niacin,vit.B6.50% RDA vit.B12.10% RDA vit.D.20% calcium.25 % vit.C and 4% vit.A! I never would have expected this from a starbucks!


Over all rating-8.25/10

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