Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nawgan: Strawberry Kiwi

I really should do more research on drinks. I didn't even know this flavor existed or a lot of other flavors coming out. I found about 5 new drinks at a vitamin shoppe that just opened in Rockford.

Taste-Very light but still a little tasty. I have major writers block and dont know what to say. Its not artificial tasting and tastes like strawberry's and kiwis sweetened with cane sugar with only 45 calories.


Buzz-This drink has two things to power your mind. 100 mgs caffeine from green tea. And 250 mgs cognizin, which is the brand name for the psychostimulant Citicoline is a form of choline which is what gives your brain its memory absorbing capabilities.This drink actually has enough of that to work and I'm sure if you drank about two or three of these a day you would see extreme changes with your memory. Which is what I really need because I can hardly remember memories of my past unfortunately. This also contains 50% rda vitamin E, B6 and B12.


Over all rating-8/10

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