Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Can you really judge a energy drink by the can?

Taste-Now I know Ive said it before but this IS the definition of liquid gummy bears or "corn syrup". When you think about drink corn syrup it makes you sick. The drink gets better as you drink but it never gets or stays cold. Although it is 25 calories its still a very shallow drink.


Buzz-Rehab, hmmmm. Why name it rehab what does that have to do with a energy drink. If you think this drink looks healthy think again. 3 preservatives, gum arabic (addictant) ester of wood rosin (deadly chemical) and many other things I can pronounce. For energy 120 mgs caffeine. 60 mgs green tea polyphenois. 46 mgs catechins. 37 mgs ginseng and gaurana. 1.5 mgs coenzyme Q-10. 7.5 mgs vitB5. 4.5 mgs vitB12. 6 mgs vitB6 and 30 mgs niacin.


Total amount of mgs-3,209

Over all rating-6.5/10


  1. F.Y.I, Gum Arabic is not an addictant and Ester of Wood Rosin is definitely not a deadly chemical.

  2. ok "caffeine man" you know who I got that information from? Taurine rules himself. So then what are they exactly?