Saturday, October 10, 2009


Each different flavor of live helps fight against a different cause and this one helps the fight for hiv/aids. 50% of the profits go toward there cause.

Taste-Not what I expected at all. Theres very little acia flavor. At the very beginning you get a very bitter taste then once that leaves you get a really tasty creamy taste that stays for awhile. If you smell the drink it also smells like cream. Don't ask me why a acia drink tastes creamy but its shure as hell good, i just wish there wasn't that bitterness, but I think if it didn't have that the cream part wouldn't be as good.


Buzz-A high five for using organic cane sugar for your sweetener, it makes a difference you can tell. 80% RDA vit.B12. 125% riboflavin. 250% vit.B6. 50% pantothenic acid and 100% niacin.


Over all rating-4.5/10

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