Sunday, November 27, 2011

Monster: Rehab - Green tea

I'm so excited to try these new rehabs. As you can tell to your left the original rehab was my favorite energy with the highest overall rating.

Taste- We start with green tea. Knowing monster its already made amazing. Then we add some coconut water. Brilliant idea. And then some acia berry and goji berry. I know this is probably mainly water with artificial sugar and some pineapple juice with some green tea solids. But the concept is healthy and perfect for the new era of energy drinks. I just love where monster and rockstar are going. But anyways its awesome, its just as good as the original but even more refreshing. It tastes just like it has all those ingredients mentioned (at the forefront) and once again just ten calories. Big up monster and I know you nailed the other two.


Buzz- Okay so compared to original rehab we have an added ingredient, prickly pear extract other wise know as fruit from a cactus and a great antioxidant but they brought down the blend from 3227.5 mgs to 3000. That's stinks because it will hurt the score and wont give it a perfect rating. All together we have 3000 mgs glucose, black tea, green tea, maltidextrin, caffeine, coconut water prickly pear, quercetin, l-carnitine, inositol, glucuronolactone, gaurana, goji berry and acia berry. I see now theyre starting to add things that wont even give you energy. 200 mgs ginseng. 1000 mgs taurine and 100% of all your B vitamins.


Total amount of mgs- 4323.5

Over all rating-9.75/10

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