Monday, March 16, 2009

Amp by Nolan

Yeah i bet you all love this one,but to me its to over rated,but not as over rated as red bull of course.You can see this drink everywhere from hats to race cars.

Taste-Its not as good as people say but its not horrible either.Its sorta got a taste like mountain dew but alot harsher on the palate,and more accents of fruit.


Buzz-Amps focuses more on better taste than energy,yet brag that this is extremely intense,but by all means its may look like it has alot of energy ingredients but it has very small amounts of each,for example. .34 mgs riboflavin,2 mgs niacin,.2 mgs vit.b6,.6 mgs vit.b12, 1 mg pantothenic acid,.40 mgs phosphorous,150 mgs guarana extract, 71 mgs caffeine,55 mgs maltodextrin,10 mgs taurine,10 mgs panax ginseng extract.The only good thing is the caffeine and guarana.


Total amount of mgs-409.4

Over all rating-5.5/10

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