Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monster Assault review by Nick

This is truly a wonderful liquid. This is one of the most available high end energy drink. If you want energy, a great tasting drink, or just wanna look cool, just grab a monster and you'll be set.

Taste - This drink is the taste of hardcore. They say it's supposed to taste like a cola, F that. This drink tastes nothing like a cola but, saying that, I don't actually know how to describe it. Try some for yourself, after all, it is purely beastin'.
RATING - 8/10

Buzz - I used to bring over 4 of the big 24 oz. cans to my friend Bart's house when I would spend the night there, and we used to each drink 2. This drink definitely keeps you awake, but alas there's still a crash :(. With the kinda blend a monster packs, how could this have bad energy. Perfect for a boost of energy to keep you head banging, moshing, or head-shotin'.
RATING - 9/10



  1. The taste really is just undescribable; it's amazing and the 24 oz cans are absolutely amazing (I still have 1 source left for those so I'm happy). Unfortunitely though I never get a good kick out of this stuff.

  2. This is an awesome Monster. I love it!