Sunday, March 22, 2009

24-7:caffe latte

God i hate how gay 24-7s cans look,you like they wouldn't cost alot but there just as much as most 16oz,so don't buy them unless you collect.

Taste-Super creamy which most people wont like but i really did.So its just super creamy coffee.


Buzz-Its sad these are alot more power full than the regular 24-7s.4% RDA vit.a,15% RDA calcium,100% RDA riboflavin,100% RDA vit.b6,2% RDA vit.c,100% RDA niacin,120% RDA vit.b12,25 mgs taurine,5 mgs caffeine(HA!),2.46 mgs l carnitine,.5 mgs glucuronolactone,17.2 mgs ginseng extract,2.46 mgs guarana.Ha thats a nice try.


Total amount of mgs-493.62

Over all rating-5.5/10

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