Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ex: Slim

Now I'm not one to usually procrastinate but this can and another ex have been in my trunk almost 3 months. Its pretty beat up for a full can. They just weren't appealing to me so I never wanted to review them. These were actually from the Cali reviews.

Taste- It tastes like the can. Slim and scraped up with a little bit of colorful flavor that looks or tastes bad. It actually feels like its burning your throat from the slimming igridients. I cant put my toung on the exact taste but its pretty gross. They do a bad job with hiding the artificial sweetener.


Buzz- I was mistaken, its not a slimming drink but just the sugar free version of the original. I wish we had healthy decent priced drinks like these for sale around here. I would slam one before working out. This is the first drink with kombucha (an ancient healthy food culture that contains organic acids and enzymes that may help your body find its natural balance, which promotes over all well being). Now that's an ingredient I want in my body. This drink contains 430 mgs kombucha, caffeine from gaurana and ginseng. Also a little less than average amount of all your B vitamins and vitamin C. Big up on this new ingredient to me and for keeping it pure!


Total amount of mgs-665.95

Over all rating- 5.5/10

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