Saturday, September 19, 2009


Thought I would never score this drink, but it wasn't to late. While I was walk'in the hood with my buddy's Austin and Garry we stumbled upon this Asian market and they had LOTS of odd drinks but not to many energy drinks but they did have this luckily.

Taste-So we all had one, each of us agreed a ten out of ten! Its just like chocolate milk but twice as good. What made it so good was the milk, I don't know why it was so special. I swore it would be sour considering how old it was. O and the other thing that made it good was the barley malt extract which was the third ingredient.


Buzz-Sorry but this isn't a really a hardcore energy drink, its more of a vitamin drink with lots of carbs and carbohydrates to give your body natural fuel. That's another reason it tastes so good is cause its loaded with carbs. 20% RDA calcium. 10% thiamin. 15% niacin. 4% Vit.B6. 10% pantothenic acid and magnesium. 20% Vit.C, B12 and phosphorus. 15% riboflavin and 8% biotin. Nobody drinks this for the energy its all about the creamy chocolate malt taste!


Over all rating-6/10

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