Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spike by Nolan

This can is beasting,sorry you cant really see it.But it says on the back it says start with one half can a day to determine tolerance,pshhh the guy that sold them to me said he used to drink 4 or these!!!

Taste-Theres a strawberry flavor that doesn't mix well with the fake sweetener,but there is a crap load of caffeine so I can understand where the sourness is coming from.Its alright i supposes any way these wernt meant to be enjoyed for there taste.


Buzz-1,500 mgs vit.b5.1,057 mgs n-atcetle,l-tyrosine,caffeine anhydrous,ychimbine hci,and 300 mgs regular caffeine.Whats that other caffeine and whats ychimbine hci?


Total amount of mgs-2,857

Over all rating-5.5/10


  1. When you review the Buzz part of it, who cares about the blend? AND STOP DRINKINF 3-5 ENERGY DRINKS A DAY, YOU IDIOT.

  2. What else is there to care about can't just describe the buzz,that's stuiped.people want to know what's in it.and I drink 3 or less and that's only when I have them.besides no matter how many I drink a day I'm going to have to stop in 3 years becuase of my heart.

  3. u need to tell us where u get these drinks!