Saturday, March 31, 2012

Afri Power

8 oz drinks are always the most interesting. You would assume this ones from Africa but its from Germany. I would really like to try an African energy drink though.

Taste- Its a cola that's colored the same as the can. Orange not black. Its got the sourness that a lot of energy colas have and the one thing that ruins a cola for me. If I could look past that it would probably taste somewhat eccentric.


Buzz- They started as a cola company with a little more caffeine than the slandered coke, about 89 mgs per 12 ounces (as much as mountain dew). This can has a little more with 80 mgs for the whole 8 ounce can with all your b vitamins to consider an energy drink but only about 50% of your DV because in Europe you have to be lame. What I'm wondering is why it says 132% afri, there is very little information about this drink online so I couldn't find out anything.


Total amount of mgs-101

Over all rating-3.5/10

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