Monday, February 4, 2013

51 Fifty

51 FIFTY (5150 ) is the legal code in California for someone who is in danger to themselves or the others.

Taste-Red Bull taste pure and simple. Nothing wrong or unatural tasting, but a very delightful hard energy drink that you crave.


Buzz- Maca and Astragalus roots which are known to increase  energy, boost your immune system, strengthen your immune system and improve your sexual desire. And people say energy drinks are bad for you?! People need to start realizing their mistakes and judgments. Also has taurine, caffeine and ginseng with a ton of vitamins. I drank this and cleaned my WHOLE house and found out my arm that's been injured for 2 months was healed! All while rocking out to metal!


Over all rating-7.75/10

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