Friday, June 25, 2010


This one actually looks tasty.

Taste-Apple, you get a mouth full of apple and your like yum this is one tasty.. BLAHC. And then the after taste hits you. Its not too bad you get used to it. And the apple flavor isn't too artificial.


Buzz-Caffeine from coffee beans and natural gaurana. But is the coffee from wherever this drink is from different than ours because according to the can coffee has 32 mgs of caffeine, not true it has about 100. Im glad I live in America where i don't get lied to (that often). Anyway this drink has 32 mgs caffeine .7 mgs riboflavin. 7.6 mgs niacin. 2.5 mgs pantothenic acid. 2.9 mgs vitB6 and 2.9 mgs vitB12.


Total amount of mgs-48.6

Over all rating-3.75/10

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