Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Purple stuff:classic grape

I just love the idea of functional drinks, I just want to see more than just energy and relaxation. I'm not talking about vitamin water I'm talking about soda flavored drinks in cans!

Taste-All these flavors have been very light with just a little flavor. This one you get some artificial grape right in the middle for about half a second and then it disappears. That is if you can even taste it at all. Other wise its an ok sugary drink. Don't get me wrong its not bad tasting its not not as good as the other two so I give it a...


Buzz-None of these drinks have been purple, so why call it purple stuff? Theanine has been proven to reduce stress and lower heart rate. 10 mgs valarian root and rosehips. 5 mgs l-theanine. 20 mgs niacin. 10 mgs pantothenic acid. 6 mgs vit B12 and 2 mgs vit B6.


Total amount of mgs-63

Over all rating-6/10

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