Monday, March 16, 2009

Mega Energy: Lime Mojito review by Nick

This drink is REALLY rare but, if you ever see this drink, BUY IT IMMEDIATELY! This drink is the craziest tasting drink you will ever your life.

Taste - This drink is a taste roller coaster. It seems to cycle through about 25 DIFFERENT FLAVORS. It literally changes flavors every half second; going from one taste to the next, even the after taste changes like 7 times! This taste could be great for some but it was horrible for me but CRAZY, no doubt to that ehh.
RATING - ?/10

Buzz - Well, since there are no off the wall ingredients, the buzz would depend on how the taste strikes you. I guess the crazy flavor would definitely give you and energy boost, that or a coma.
RATING - ?/10


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