Monday, June 8, 2009


Extenze may not make you a monster and it wont make you a rockstar,but its no bull it can make you larger!

Taste-Didn't know what to expect and I especially didn't expect a squirt flavored drink and that's exactly what it was and I was so excited it tasted just like squirt but maybe a little bit stronger and you could actually taste the grapefruit ever more than squirt.


Buzz-5 mgs zinc.400 mgs folate.1,700 mgs diagrinine malate,gaba,betaine,theanine,caffeine,rhodiola,ginseng,maca,epimedium,yohimbe hcl and bioperine.The truth is that male enhancement products will not work unless your taking viagra.


Total amount of mgs-2,105

Over all rating-8.5/10


  1. Hey Nolan,

    Thanks for mentioning our ExtenZe product! We've had a great number of customers reorder on the beverage packs, so we're pleased that it's doing so well.

    Thanks again!

  2. You can do your own research online and I believe you'll come to the same conclusion I have as far as "Do products like Extenze work or not?". Too many men have sent testimonials to these different merchants over the years.

    These products work - it's just a matter of finding which works best for you.

  3. I'm actually thinking whoever owns the US rights to eXistenZ should sue these guys for trademark infringement.

  4. Im useing the pill now....the reson that
    your penis looks bigger because it
    looks swollen..that's it but this pill
    gave me...excitey, hot flushes, super
    dizzy... Heart races!! Heart
    POUNDS!! But sexual performance...I
    was doing better off the pill!! I also
    was vomiting!!! Btw it dose give u
    bonners trough out the day That's the
    truth!! Idk about this other guys on
    here!!! I don't think it's worth the risk
    of a HEART ATTACK!! An they don't
    refund I'm still waiting