Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So I'm not even three years away from being twenty one, so you ask how I picked this baby up? Lemme tell ya. So me and my homie Tyler were walking down the street (I had to pee badly) and some homeless man comes up to us and asks us if we want to buy any booze. I take a look see in his bag and find a energy drink looking can, look at it and WHOA its a alcoholic energy drink Ive never even heard of! Thanks you liquor selling hobo!

Taste-The color made it look tasty but in all truth it wasn't. I don't get why most alcoholic energy drinks taste so bad, like Id rather drink everclear and rip it any day. Along with a alcohol taste it had a fake cherry taste. I recommend grabbing a tilt over this.


Buzz-Well it did make me a tad silly but it was probably my imagination. You get the best of both worlds, just not enough of each.


Over all rating-5.5/10

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