Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nos:sugar free

Today is a happy day,I cant I believe I found this old or very new drink.They stoped making this two years ago and they might have just started selling it again idk I hope so because it is a damn good drink.

Taste-My friend Austin Adams says this tastes like piss.But I have to strongly disagree,it tastes just like the original but with more of that grape fruit flavor.It might even be better than the original.But that grape fruit taste is actually natural passion fruit flavor.


Buzz-1,000 mgs taurine.200 mgs l-carnitine.100 mgs inositol.130 mgs of sweet wonderful caffeine and 50 mgs ginseng.Also 2 mgs Vit.B2 and 6 mgs Vit.B12.


Total amount of mgs-1,488

Over all rating-8.25/10

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