Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sport:tropical storm

I didn't know if this was the same as the old version or a new one because they added storm at the end so I got it anyways.

Taste-Yes it is new but they should have kept the old version because this one defiantly isn't as delicious. It just tastes like carbonated grape juice, while the old one had a mountain dew quality to it. It isn't bad but you know why do people have to mess with good things, cant you just leave them.


Buzz-Didn't change this. 1000 mgs taurine. 30 mgs glucuronolactone. 80 mgs caffeine and 5 mgs gaurana and ginseng. 20 mgs naicin. 1.7 mgs riboflavin. 10 mgs Vit.B5. 4 mgs Vit.B6 and 6 mgs Vit.B12. This must have done something because after I drank it I felt all jitery and nervous for a couple hours and my mind was racing I couldn't think. Its odd because its not that power full.


Total amount of mgs-1,161.7

Over all rating-6.5/10

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