Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Die Hard: Berry review by Nick

A drink for the veterans. If you can't see, it says, at the bottom f the can, that for every can sold 10c will go to help the veterans in need, how kind. Too bad this company went out of business.

Taste - This drink tastes like flavored water except a little thinker than water. It mainly tastes like raspberry and blueberry but, there are others flavors here like strawberry and other wildberry flavors.
RATING - 7.5/10

Buzz - The blend is about 1/4 of what monsters is. I think they left a lot of stuff out because i heard it's unhealthy to drink energy drinks and then vigorously exercise, or they just wanted a lame buzz. Shouldn't a Die Hard drink have a Die Hard buzz?
RATING - 2/10


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