Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ace: Lo-Cal review by Nick

One of my favorites; it REALLY sucks that this company failed. All their drinks tasted good, had good energy blends, and hot chicks on the cover...what could be better than that? Why must the good die young?!

- This is a great and unique flavor; it is similar to Monster Lo-carb but it is also very different; my brother says it tastes a lot like Lost Perfect 10. They pulled off the lo-cal (not to be confused with sugar free) perfectly. Since they kept some of the calories and sugar, the taste was left unharmed; if you take out all of the sugar, the drink usually has a really strong diet flavor to it. Ace's taste is actually one of my favorite NRG drink tastes, which is why i like Ace so much.
RATING - 8.5/10

Buzz - Good blend here, similar to Monster's but not as br00tal. The buzz is still far above average. Pull the Ace.
RATING - 7/10


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