Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Max Velocity: Uncaged - Sugar Free

Ive developed a photogenic taste memory with energy drinks. I can drink one and 2 weeks from now tell you exactly how it tasted. Now when it comes to remembering other things.. I'm not so good.

Taste- Didn't know it was sugar free at first, nor could I tell. It has a melon citrus flavor and that's really all their is to say about it.


Buzz- Probably your typical energy drink/red bull blend made with taurine, caffeine and B vitamins. This seems to be the basic and  most easy route for energy drink company's to take now a' days. 90% rda Vitamin B3. 240% vitamin B6. 80% vitamin B12 and 45% vitamin B12.


Over all rating-5/10


  1. Do you have any proof that this is sugar-free, is there any labels showing that it doesn't have any forms of sugar in it? And I think it's one of the simplest source of vitamin b12.

  2. Well it says it on the can. Im sure they wouldnt lie