Sunday, July 26, 2009


Tonight I got something different for you guys,its the complete opposite of an energy drink.I love the idea but it seems its not going to work.First off its another carbonated sugary drink which will defiantly make you hyper (at least for a little bit) and then its got b vitamins,why? I don't know.And lastly its got some nice ingredients for the blend but barely any of them.

Taste-A very nice refreshing berry lime citrus flavor.I would think instead of doing a sugary carbonated drink why not a relaxing tea flavor or something.


Buzz-Well it might get me tired from the crash of the sugar but thats about it.20 mgs vit.B6.2 mgs vit.B6.6 mgs vit.B12.10 mgs vit.B5.10 mgs valerian root,now with valerian root you need at least 200 mgs for it to even work(I take it a lot since i cant sleep cuz of nrg drinks lol)10 mgs rose hips,same with this 10 is not going to work. and 1 mgs melatonin,now I dont know what that is but I'm pretty shure 1 mg isn't going to cut it.So points for something bright and new but that does not work.


Total amount of mgs-59

Over all rating-6.5/10

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  1. I just did some research on Melatonin. It is mainly used for a sleep aid and for vivid dreams. Despite having only 1 milligram of the stuff in this drink, that is actually a pretty good dose. The average dose of Melatonin is 1 to 5 milligrams and it is suggested that you start with as low as 0.3 milligrams (300 micrograms).