Friday, July 23, 2010


Went down to hillbilly heaven for a week and came back with only this. After getting the sugar free one in a trade Ive always been looking for this. In the town I visited called rock falls they had a store called the beverage store and it seemed to big a big attraction for the town. So I got over excited thinking they would have loads of new drinks, unfortunately this is all I found.

Taste-You can usually tell the kind of RB clone by the can, this is one of them basic alright newb clones.


Buzz-90% RDA niacin. 240% vitB2. 80% vitB12. 45% pantothenic acid.


Over all rating-3.75/10


  1. Call me crazy but Aftershock is my favorite energy drink. Its only 1$ and it is really f'n good. I guess different people have different tastes but I think its better than RB.