Monday, June 15, 2009

Go girl:bliss

Do you think I am ashamed to hold this can in front of my friends or in public or at a bar?NO I'M NOT!Because this is a fine drink.

Taste-Yumm peach tea sweetened with organic agave syrup.Tastes sweet as hell yet only 35 calories for you stingy women.But it does taste exactly like that Snapple peach tea but a sweeter mid taste which makes it not as refreshing but still its good.


Buzz-Just the right amount I guess so you don't go too crazy yet get enough energy to get some house work done.40% RDA riboflavin.125% vit.B6.25% pantothenic acid.50% niacin.40% vit.B12 and 5% magnesium.Also contains 400 mgs taurine.100 mgs garcinia cambogia.50 mgs inositol and 65 mgs caffeine.


Over all rating-7.25/10

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