Sunday, August 12, 2012

Xenergy: Melon Mayhem

Didn't think they still used this clashy old can design. But this is one of the two new xenergy flavors. These drinks have always been mediocre to me, lets see how these new ones stack up.

Taste- It hits you hard! Its mayhem for sure! An intense melon flavor that tastes good but only for a split second then fades into a bunch of different sugar free harsh artificial tasting flavors. I'm known for having a weird palate for energy drinks but its good in a bad way. Some with think this is disgusting and wont want to drink it but its unique to me and it has that strong flavor that tells you its working.


Buzz- 11.5 mgs of caffeine per ounce so that's about 170 per can. That's okay, and then 100% rda niacin. 80% B12. 260% B6 and 500% pantothenic acid which you never see. Its usually the least amount of the vitamins (around 50%)


Over all rating-5.25/10

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