Saturday, August 4, 2012

Marley's Mellow Mood: Citrus

Now if you guys didn't know. Marley's mellow mood is my most popular review with almost 22,000 views, mainly because its the easiest energy heaven link to find on google (I think). So lets see if this flavor can get more views and comments.

Taste- I know the distinct flavor difference between sierra mist, sprite and 7up and this drink is identical to sprite. Most peoples first words after trying this will be.. Hmm tastes just like sprite. I'm not a big lemon lime citrus fan, its actually my least favorite pop flavor because its just too boring. And I feel the same about this although there is nothing wrong with it at all.

RATING- 6.5/10

Sluzz- Perfect time to use a relaxation drink! Its 4:24 pm Saturday and Ive been partying (sober of course) since 9 o clock last night with 3 BFC's in my system. That's the MOST energy drink Ive ever had at once. Since the BFC cans are 1.50 at big lots we got like 10 of them. But anyway I got 2 hours of sleep but I'm using this to sleep until about 11 because its hard to fall asleep in the middle of the day regardless. But these always work, according to every other reader also. Not sure if this is the new blend or just for this drink but they reduced the blend dramatically. Before we had 211 mgs now we only have 41 and they cut out kava kava and added melatonin. Also with Valerian, lemon balm, chamomile, hops and passion flower. This will not do anything and it isn't. Its not even enough for one 41mgs ingredient each to have an effect. This drink is now just a marketing gimmick.


Total amount of mgs-41

Over all rating-3.5


  1. What? 261? These people need to step it up. Get you back below 250.

  2. For real bro. Thanks for the support. At least Im at 243 now lol

  3. $1.50 BFCs? Holy shit, I bought one off a US import site (I live in England) and it was £6.50, which is $10.30. I wish it was easier to get more Monsters over here, I want more BFCs so badly.