Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beaver buzz:saskatoon

Time for some Canadian energy drinks, because lumber jacks need there energy too! Thanks goes to Barry Kirkey from the Barry Kirkey show for giving me these drinks.

Taste-So it says they searched everywhere from the great plains to the big sea to search for the perfect berry for this drink but ended up in Saskatoon where they found the wild Saskatoon berry. Well I'm glad they found there perfect berry in there own country. That might be a little mith. There might not be any Saskatoon berrys in this drink but either way it tastes good. It reminds me a lot of Vegas fuel, it has that same red berry taste.


Buzz-Well buzz is right on the can so I hope it delivers. 1,424 mgs taurine. 188 mgs caffeine. 142 mgs gaurana and ginseng. 8.7 mgs vitB6. 2.5 mgs vitB2. 2.2 mgs calcium disphosphate. 26 mgs vitB12. 3563 iu vitA and 14.5 iu vitE. Wow you could cut down like 20 trees in 10 seconds with this drink, or collect 15 barrels or maple syrup in 8 seconds. This drink defiantly does deliver!


Total amount of mgs-5,368.7

Over all rating-8/10


  1. Hey dude! It's Barry! Glad you liked it!

  2. The green tea is a great non carbonated energy drink. Good before playing sports.