Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wild stallion:orange mango

After a day of chill'n with my bros I come home to a box at my porch,I open it up and find about 7 shots 10 mixers and 6 drinks!That made my day.

Taste-Well I tried to guess what it was at first before looking at the can,and first I guessed peach,maybe pineapple but no it says orange mango,that is completely wrong.It has a really funky smell and the taste is good but has something that makes it not good.I don't want to give it a 6.5 but I don't want to give it a 7 either,so we will go with.


Buzz-The can has a shrink wrap label,so I'm guessing this drink company is really cheap.100% RDA riboflavin,Vit.B6,niacin and Vit.B12.


Over all rating-4.25/10

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