Monday, April 6, 2009

Joker:low-carb by Nolan

The joker cans are one of my favorites,I just love the evil jester,there cans are so unique its a shame they went out of business.When I had this I also drank a jolt cola and a nos grape not even an hour and a half before,it was the craziest feeling I even felt.I literally felt light as a butterfly and I could focus so good but at the same time I couldn't cuz I was doing everything twice as fast with all the energy,and aw man I had a crash that was worse than your worst hangover I went to bed 4 hours early.So I really didn't have the time to enjoy this drink at all.
Taste-Tastes just like(ace low cal,lost five-o,blade sf,deton8 sf,buzzed sf,unbound sf...and the list goes on)
Buzz-Uggg bad memory's.Same exact thing as monster but with 60 mgs vit.c.So I still don't get why they went out of business after four years,especially with a great NRG list like this.
Total amount of mgs-3,789.70
Over all rating-7.5/10


  1. I personaly can't tell the differance in taste between Joker low-carb & Monster low-carb.If you look at both can's ingredients, you'll see that they are identical.
    Last year, I picked up 3 cases of Joker low-carb at Big Lots for $.60 each. Very good taste and a clean buzz.

  2. They are made by the same company,regular monster is also the same as regular joker same goes with ace