Thursday, December 8, 2011

Red Strike

So me and my bro Zak Dawg (from swagg shit) were at walmart getting his swagg shit merch material (buy one of his shirts they are cool, but not cooler than anything related to this website or me) when this chocolate faced women asked us for some gas and out of Zaks big kind heart she got some gas at the walmart gas station. One good deed lead to another as Zak bought me two new energy drinks that I spotted.

Taste- Haven't had a new red bull clone in awhile. This is another generic one brought to you by Cott beverages. Its just what you expect if you've ever had a drink ripped off of red bull, which is just that red bull flavor but less crisp and refreshing. More dull and cheap tasting. But the most important fact is that it still tastes good.


Buzz- Here's the boring part. 960 mgs taurine. Not even on par with most drinks that have the typical 1000. 90% RDA niacin. 240% vit B6. 80% vit B12 and 45% pantothenic acid.


Over all rating-4.25/10

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